When will you add items and mobs?
I did not even include every block, for example stripped logs, corals or the new crafting blocks. Why? Because these were "new textures" from the start.
Not every block is included, and so far, no items or mobs. I won't add mobs, because displaying them in 2D just isn't possible and screenshots of their changes might find a better place somewhere else.
I might add items in a separate image, but that would take a looong time. We'll see.

Why is there only an image? Why not upload to imgur?
Because the crazy dimensions of the image (4000+ pixels high), the imgur compression was too heavy. I decide to make my own site instead. So for now, the main purpose is to show these images. Later, I could (if possible) add a system to up/ downvote certain textures, or write comments. But that's probably not possible with Adobe Portfolio.

Why are so many textures dark?
The darkened textures are duplicates of ones to the left, meaning nothing has been changed in the new version. This makes it easier to see when something actually changed, even if only slightly .For some blocks like sandstone, I did not darken every duplicate because it's easy to tell and helps with comparing how the blocks look together.

Where do I post my opinions on these textures?
Feel free to post on Reddit! This is the comment section for this website: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/9uhizv/
Also post your feedback in the mega-thread you can find at the top of r/Minecraft!

The texture artist working on the New Default Pack: https://twitter.com/jasperboerstra
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